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Ignite Your Brand's Potential and Reach New Heights with Us!

Step into the world of King Promos, where your brand comes alive on every day products and soars to new heights. As a 5-Star rated firm in the custom branded merchandise + print space, we are here to revolutionize your marketing strategy from conception to execution.


Our mission is twofold:

Empower your business to flourish and expand its revenue streams, corporate branding, and company culture. With our exceptional range of promotional swag, we create a strong community united by a common purpose, driving your success to unprecedented levels.

Champion sustainability and responsibility in the US marketplace by offering meticulously curated advertising products. We believe in supporting a greener future while ensuring that your promotional efforts make a positive impact.

At King Promos, we are more than just a supplier – we are your partners in growth, creativity, and making a lasting impression. Join us today and witness your brand's transformation like never before.


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    Case Study: Info in a Flash

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    6 Unique Eco-Friendly Promo Products to Feel Good About Giving

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    Lanyards: Everything You Need to Know

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